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    Windows VPS Security

    With a Virtuozzo Windows VPS, do you guys run AntiVirus, Firewall, or IDS. Also are pacthes up to the host, I read that you can't patch the VPS directly and that pacthes come to the VPS when the Host is patched.

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    Virtuozzo runs on a special modification of windows, and the host can not even download Windows Updates, it relies on SWSoft who is typically a couple days behind MS in making the special versions tested and approved for VZ.

    If you get it with plesk it comes with AV and (MS) Firewall. I have not tried to install my IDS but I think it should work.

    Also of note is that while you can visit the MS Windows Update website, if you try to install the updates they will fail, and you would not want to install them anyway, as you are very likely you break something in your VPS.

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