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    web hosting with 1000GB data xfer - price?

    What is a decent price for a co-located server that uses up about 1000GB of data per month?

    The site peaks at about 4Mbps and sustains about 2.5Mbps on average.

    I'm in the Los Angeles area. What is the price per Mb these days?


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    I'd guess about $1/$2 per GB, it goes up to about $5/GB on some hosts

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    it would be cheaper if you got 2 boxes at a place like rackshack and split the high bandwidth portions of your site onto the 2 boxes.

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    Get one of those 10MBIT Compaq's at RS. If you can live with Cogent only, also offers dedicated unmetered 10 MBIT boxes and soon will be offering 10MBIT ports shared between 2 servers.

    Probably still work out cheaper and better to get two boxes and share between them (I'm thinking RS, mercury project which comes with 500 GIG a month per box and other similar deals). I know I'd go for 2 servers as the load would be shared and if one server goes down, the other will likely still be up, especially should you put each server in a different datacenter.

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