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    Help! Advice really needed on different hosting companies. I'm stuck.


    I need some help. After weeks of research on hosting companies I seem to be back at square one. I guess my research wasnít good although it has not been due to a lack of effort.

    Anyway, I had more or less decided on hosting with as they were easily the best value but after seeing some posts on here and elsewhere I am now seriously rethinking my decision. I also emailed them with some questions about whether each domain hosted with them would get their own stats (to which I got a template reply which did not answer my question) and where there servers were (to which I got not reply).

    Iím not knowledgeable on the technical side of things but Iím basically looking for a few things:

    1. UK based Ė Better for support (?) and I read that itís better to have servers in the country you are based in for web search results (?).

    2. Multi-domain linux hosting Ė I have around six projects (two or three will use a MySql database, three will be flash/image/music based and one will be ecommerce based)

    3. Good value. I realize that I probably wonít get cheap prices like were offering but sites like seem so expensive.

    4. Good support. The more Iíve read the less I realize I actually know. Therefore it would be like insurance to have good support, just incase.

    I donít feel like I know enough to get a virtual private server option and I donít think it would be wise to spend high amounts until I know whether or not I need one. I just want some good hosting for now.

    Other sites I was thinking of using (incase anyone is still reading this overly long post!) were and in the UK (from pre-WHT research) and and in the USA (from searhcing many old posts on WHT).

    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it as Iím getting nowhere!

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    1. This depends on the domain, as long as its a it doesn't matter where the server is.

    2. Most hosts will give you domains AND databases AND stats for each domain, look around.

    3. Expect to be paying ~$10 - $15/mo depending on the space and bandwidth you need.

    4. Good support, the only way to find out is to send an e-mail or open a ticket to the support team on that site, asking technical questions...if you get a really educated response and within a reasonable amount of time -- then go for it.

    You don't need a virtual server unless you have A LOT of traffic going to your sites.

    Good Luck with your search.

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    Best way is to search and think. You have to choose what you really require for your hosting need. I mean looking at those huge disk and bandwidth or even unlimited is really eyeball attracted, but in the end of day you get what you pay for. So just buy what you need. For example if you buy something 500G bandwidth and you only use 10G, and because of the overselling the server is too crowded with websites, the service you get will be not as the same as what you expected. So only buy the package that fits your needs.

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    I agree with most of what MrRadic stated here. I hate to throw a monkey wrench into the works but with the different types of sites you wish to have does it make sense to get a reseller account instead of a multiple domain web host account? It really would not make a whole lot of difference but if I were in your shoes I would prefer a reseller account. It would cost a little more per month. I just want to make sure you have research all of your options before you pull the trigger.

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    I agree with Lutan that you do get what you pay for and I wouls always be wary of anyone offering large disk and bandwidth figures for a low price as they tend to be overselling and this could lead to issues later down the line when you start to use higer amounts of space.

    I'd suggest checking the offers forums, find someone you like the look of and then check reviews on WHT or other review forums. If they don't check out then try again.

    Without knowing what your budget is or what control panel and other features other than MySQL your looking for it's difficult to give some suggestions.

    Can you let us have a bit more detail as to what you need and we may be able to help?
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    In regards to Site5, I think you should read some of the newer posts that relate to their services. Based on user feedback that I've seen here on WHT, I would not recommend going with Site5 at the moment.

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    If you want multi domain hosting without the need to get a complex reseller account, go with HSphere host. HSphere Control Panel (made by PSOFT) is built with true multi domain hosting in mind. Each of your domain (and even subdomain) can have mail resources as well.

    For UK and HSphere based host, take a look at . This compny is run by professional people whom I had a plesant experience doing business with.

    Good luck with your search!
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    (from searhcing many old posts on WHT).
    It's good to read the newer ones as well. Companies don't always enjoy a linear development. Internal and external forces changes can easily shift their focus.

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    1. UK based – Better for support (?) and I read that it’s better to have servers in the country you are based in for web search results (?).
    Well, I am not sure if you get any better support because you live in the same country as the host. It all depends on the quality of the company.

    Also, I am unsure of this search results issue. I've read some on SEO but cannot recall anything like that.

    You seem concerned with the cost of hosting. Well, it seems that hosting is often more expensive in the UK than in the US. So if you want good hosting for X amount of £, I guess you might have better chances in the US.
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    You definitely get what you pay for, and I don't agree with the support being different for your country of origin. My service and supports are based in the UK and USA, and it is great for all my customers. You can easily find a host that has all the requirements you have set forth.

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