We do all types of
web and server based security and setup work at affordable prices. Such
as patches, cms installs, general hardening, all types of server level
work and more. If you have any need not listed here feel free to
contact me at [email protected] All work guaranteed and can usually be done within 2 days of contact. Here is a basic overview of the services and prices we offer:
NOTE: WHT refferals get a 15% discount on all work and services

CMS Installs (php-nuke, nuke-evolution, phpbb, vbulletin, etc

From $15-70 depending on the work needed

Mods, upgrades, patches, and addons for any cms

From $10-50 depending on work needed

Server Level Work (Linux Servers Only)

Firewall with dos and brute force
protection which is APF (Advanced Policy Firewall), BFD (Brute Force
Detection), and DoS Deflate DoS protection. For linux servers only.

Everything installed and configured for your setup for $40

Apache Mod Security

ModSecurity installed, configured, and all the latest rules added and setup to update weekly: $35

Apache Mod Evasive

Installed and configured for $25

Kernel Upgrades and Builds

Your choice of vanilla, grsecurity, or ck kernel compiled, configured, and installed for $50

Comprehensive Security Package

All of the above setup and configured to your needs for $125

Server Upgrades

Proftpd - $20, Apache - $35, PHP - $25, MySQL - $25 for 4x
Upgrades only, OpenSSH - $35 (All compiled from source not binary

Complete Upgrade and Security Package

Everything listed above installed and configured to suit your needs for $250

Control Panel Installs

Contact for quote

Anything else not listed here contact us and we will let you know if we can do it and how much.

What we do not do:

MySQL 4 to 5 upgrades, Oracle, Windows, Web Design, Graphics, Cpanel Apache 2 upgrades, Software not compatible with your control panel or operating system, and coding.
If in doubt or to find out if we can do what you need Contact Us