Hey all. I just noticed this area to introduce yourself to WHT so here I go.

I am currently living in the Greater Houston area and work full-time in the medical center while I enjoy my past-time and the occasional work-time (like now) to keep myself abreast of the latest in hosting. Yes...I to fiddle with it. Hosting that is.

I have been involved with hosting for a few years now - mainly with customer service and sales but a bit in the techno-phobia side of it.

I do some design work and currently working on my own project as well as a possible future endeavor that might be mentioned further along in the shared forum.

I welcome any greetings and hope to meet many of you along the way as I continue to dive deeper into the belly of this beast - I mean - as I continue to enjoy the very informative readings found on WHT.

"Seriously Mom, I only get it for the articles"

Wishing you all the best along the way,