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    Question Cheapest .NU domain registrar!?

    First of all i am new at this forum so i hope im posting correctly. =)

    My question is that i wonder if someone know where i can buy or get a .nu reseller account there i can register cheap .nu domainnames. (about $15/year).

    I hope someone can tell me how i can register for $15 or cheaper.

    Thanks for the help, and sorry for my bad English.


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    Welcome to Webhostingtalk.

    I doubt you'll get .nu domains for .com prices - it's a much smaller registry and as a general rule small registries can't afford to charge .com prices because their overheads per domain are that much greater.

    You may want to have a look at the .nu registry web site -

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    But I know people who is resellers and they buy .nu domains for about $15.

    I am intrested in exactly the same thing, to be a reseller and buy cheap. Becouse i buy about 10 domains in a month.


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    Quote Originally Posted by raynoralpha
    But I know people who is resellers and they buy .nu domains for about $15.
    I think in that case you should ask them ans report their source here.

    Thank you.
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