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    Suggest a site mirroring tool?

    I have a site that will be going offline soon. I wanted to download a copy of it before then so I can preserve it. Can anyone recommend a spidering tool to use? I don't have command line access to it. Only web access.

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    Not even FTP access or anything? How big/dynamic of a site is it?

    Cuz using a spidering/mirroring tool you're not going to get any dynamic code.. you'll just get a static copy of what it output.

    If you wanna PM the URL... I'll do a simple wget mirror and mail you the tar.

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    it's not a big site and only has static pages. I do, however, want the files that the site serves as well. (ie: it's a small software site) If I don't end up using a spider tool I'll take you up on your offer lightwave. I'd like to try a spidering tool first though.

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    418 have a look at that, or just browse around, search for "download entire websites", thats how i found the above, i havent tríed it myself...

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    I've used Teleport Pro for this sort of thing before and it works very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trix
    Love it.. The only thing you need is wget

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