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    privacy protection and domain transfer

    My host company just went belly up (netbunch) and there is no way that I can get
    in touch with them. My website, email and cpanel are all down and
    don't look like they are going to come up anytime soon. I want to
    transfer my domain to another host but when I do a whois on the domain
    it shows as being locked. When I bought the domain I paid for the
    privacy protection so I don't see any real contact info on the whois.
    I called the number listed but only got a msg asking for my name and
    number. No other identification.
    Any ideas on how I can get this domain transferred?

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    where did you buy the domain? you should be able to login at the domain-sellers website and change contact info, nameservers, and UNLOCK it.

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    The same company that hosted it was the company I bought it from. Their website is down. Everything is down.

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    netbunch was destroyed, ahh, acquired by webhostplus back in february.

    go to and do a who is for your name. look for registrar. That is who you need to contact to move it. It is most likely enom.

    Enom heard the story many times, and helpful to many moving names back to their owner. You will need proof, like record of payment for the domain.

    avoid the hostage game, don't have your name registration at the same place you host!


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