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    Thumbs down Cirtex Hosting 1 year review

    I've hosted with Cirtex for a year now.

    I'd like to warn anyone that really *NEEDS* their site to be up 24/7 or to have anything even near Cirtex's claim of 99.5% uptime to avoid this host like the plague.

    If your business is in anyway reliant on web traffic, e-commerce or if you are hosting anything critical - avoid Cirtexhosting.

    They are very unreliable and in just this month alone I've had over 35+ hours of down time... The last outage they completely wiped out all of my mailboxes!! But who needs e-mail these days anyway?

    Over the course of the year I've had exteme performance issues from their server "Smiley" (which is also black listed for spam everywhere!) and downtime that I'd equate to 75% uptime at best.

    Additionally, the datacenter they host from is extremely poor! This datacenter routinely does "maintenance" at peak hours, constantly has router outages and can't even reroute IP addresses promptly when DOS attacks are launched against it.

    I’ve tried very hard to bear with them and work things out, I’ve always hoped the problems were just isolated incidents, but that is not the case. One year later and it's the same story month after month.

    I'm looking for a good host that doesn't over sell its server capacity, and can REALLY deliver 99.9% uptime. The cost doesn’t matter, the UPTIME does.

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    I understand you concerns regarding server smiley. We've been having a pretty rough week with server smiley this week, the server has had 99.5%+ Uptime for sure before this week's DDOS and we worked 24/7 trying to mitigate the attack and tried many options but the volume was very large and in the end we chose to just change the server IP and reroute it.

    I alone worked 24hr shifts this sunday and monday with 1-2hr break time trying to solve the Smiley issue with Datacenter techs and trying to get things resolved but when there are problems it takes time to resolve it especially something this big scale. As for the spam issue you mentioned, there are only issue with 1 spam database from the check on so Im not too sure what you mean, I know we had some email issues right after the DDOS trying to reverse DNS setup and so on but if you ever did have trouble sending email to specific address just let us know we'll contact them.

    Our other servers have been getting 99.5%+ Uptime including smiley without problem before this week's issue, so I'm not too sure what you mean by 75% uptime the past year, if its past year we probably be out of business by now. 75% this week I can not deny and we've compensated many customers already and we will get Smiley stablized this week since the DDOS Attack and everything will be running as usual.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience and we've been keeping everyone uptodate as much as possible during this even on our forums as you can see. We've already refunded a few customers for their year of hosting payment with us because we do feel this incident is very bad for smiley's customers, if you wish to have a refund for your past year of hosting with us, just PM me or email [email protected]. I look forward to assisting you, and please do give us a call if you wish as I had PMed you on our forums before you created this thread.

    Please do contact me directly if you have anymore questions.

    Take care and have a great day

    John Xie
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