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    Tulip Systems - Renovated Web Site

    Hello Everyone,

    If you could please take a look at our recently renovated website and comment on it.

    We value your input and will appriciate your feedback.

    Looking forward to your comments.

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    Honest feedback.

    The web site looks very low quality, and kinda messed up in FF.

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    YIKES! Wow - if the color scheme doesn't run you off - the girl on the main page makes me want to look for my old high school stridex pads. HA!

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    some of the colors do not go together very well like the light blueish background. There are many formatting problems in firefox, check your coding carefully

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    Some graphics mess up in 'Learn More' area and the bottom text for Firefox browser.

    I find the website is a little bit small/condensed.

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    Doesn't work properly in Opera either - the package names are overrun by the boxes below them. Also, the girl on the index kind of scares me. Your images all look abnormally stretched and there appears to be too many stock images.

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    Source code is a bit messy as well. May want to investigate CSS for layouts.
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    It looks like someone with a copy of Paint Shop Pro and some stock graphics spent about an hour throwing it together. Your old site was better, although not by much. At least the old site didn't jump out at me as looking cheap.

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    Hello Everyone,

    We would like to thank everybody for honest feedback. Actually we agree with all of you. Yes, the website was put together in a very short period of time because we wanted a quick makeover. Because of that we failed to test with different browsers. We will take into consideration everyone's input and already started working on improving our website in terms of color, functionality and overall look and feel.

    Thanks again.

    We will keep you posted on updates.

    Thanks again

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