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    newbie help required

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking to set up a new site, upon which I wish to sell some information. This information is contained in an Excel sheet.

    So I need a site, hosting, and a way of which to accept payments in return for sending this info out. Can paypal be used to do this? Can the process be fully automated or should I just leave it that I receive an email about a payment and then send the file out later?

    What are the pitfalls I should be looking out for?

    Thanks in advance,


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    You can have a look at PayLoadz, which I think will provide the payment processing (via PayPal) & delivery of the digital product. You would probably still need to have some kind of hosting for your site's main page, where users can tell what you're selling, before they go to the PayLoadz checkout.

    If you decide to do the payment & fulfillment yourself through PayPal, here are a few tips:
    - Use IPN, not "Auto Return", to validate payments (more reliable)
    - Always check the payment amount & currency to ensure that you've received a legitimate payment in the correct amount
    - If you receive a payment that you suspect is fraudulent, and do not wish to provide the product to the person who made that payment, be sure to refund the payment
    - Make your return policy clear on your website prior to the checkout
    - If you receive PayPal Buyer Complaints, enter "digital download" in the "enter tracking information" option to let PayPal know the sale was for digital goods.
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    Cheers, will give that a look. Where should i be looking for reviews of cheap web hosting?

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    Hello sportsalchemist. Good luck on your new adventure. I really like StartLogic. I have my website there and it is really easy to use the service. For around 6.95 amonth you get more than most beginners will ever need. The phone support is really not the best. Long wait times, but the site is so easy you will not need much support. Also, the manual are not the best, but for all the other goodies, it makes it worth it.

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    Well I cannot recommend startlogic. My husband has a web site with them which I have the "pleasure" of maintaining, including setting up his formmail etc etc.
    The vdeck has almost nothing on it, the so-called "power plugins" don't work (like to add mail forms to an existing web page), there is no documentation on where the paths are, and tech support does NOT respond to tickets.
    Instead startlogic refers you to the user forums, where "users help users". Yeah right. You will die of old age before you get any help there. Startlogic is getting terrible reviews from actual users, and for good reason. What startlogic does is to pay to get on those top ten web hosing sites, but there is no input from customers.
    If I were you I would stay away.

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    Much of what you said is true. I do have one site with them that does not require a lot of maintenance. It is very easy to use and I have not had any problem with them. The main problem I have is when I have tried the domain forwarding. It is very difficult. For this Godaddy is much better.

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