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    Make the text a bit darker colored it's a bit hard to read it.

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    Here's a list of recommendations:

    - Add a logo to the top left corner of the page. Maybe something about what your site is about/tag line. By looking at it I wouldn't have a clue unless I read the text towards the bottom left hand corner.

    - What is the 'start' button supposed to do? For me, I clicked on it and it didn't do anything. I would remove it.

    - Really users would come to your site to do the following, read other questions people posted, ask their own question, and communicate with others that have questions about the bible. I think adding the following to your nav bar would make sense: Home / Read Questions / Ask a Question / Online Community

    Overall I think your site has some good potential if you just consider who and why you're designing the site. If it's to allow people to ask questions about the bible then display questions people have answered on the front page, maybe the past 5 questions. I noticed you don't have any questions but that doesn't mean you can't post some of your own.

    Hope this helps!


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    If Home and the start buttons indicate the same thing, Delete one of them. As suggested by eu4sale, you could darken the text so as to increase its visibility. Any way Nice Site...yet to get questions.

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