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    Thumbs up Mails are sent to Bulk rather in Inbox

    Dear Experts,
    Im currently facing a problem on my mailserver.
    I have config. my mail server (OK) I could able to send messages to any email account and receive messages from any mail.
    But my Prob. here is, when Im trying to send messages to any mail account (Particularly - yahoo) the message is getting posted in BULK section. Normally people use to delete bulk messages due to spam and other reasons. So I need my messages to post correctly to the INBOX of any mail account.

    Kindly try to resolve my prob.



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    Did you checked by sending to other yahoo mail accounts? I could remember that if sender mailserver doesn't have RDNS record also some of the mailserver consider as spam.

    Check if your mailserver Ip is listed in any of the spam database as you said that you are facing this issue recently.
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    Question Its all perfect.

    Thanks for your reply.
    My RDNS records are fine. The ip address is not listed in any spam database file. I have also tried sending the message to another yahoo mail account, but still the prob. remains the same.

    Try to suggest with some other tips.



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