I have been watching the forum here for awhile. And I have started my own hosting company. Anyone interested in "Jumping aboard" before our grand opening I am offering a discount to. Please do not "flame" this post for I most likely will no longer be visiting this site after today. I am making a simple offer and that is it. First of all, I have purchased several dedicated servers on a large webhosting companies space. That is how I am offering these great prices. Second, this is not "hostonce's" reselling program although I did go through that with previous customers but I am no longer using their program now. Here is the deal -

3.95 Per Month - Paid Yearly.
FREE DOMAIN (.com, .net, .org, ect...
Unlimited Bandwidth/Webspace/Pop3 email accounts/subdomains/Ftp Access
True 99.9% Uptime
Full Support for: Perl / CGI / PHP / SSL / MySQL / Jserv
Frontpage 2002 Extentions
No Forced Advertisements
Multiple OC3 (155mbps) Backbone Lines
Redhat Linux 7.2 Servers running Apache
MIME Support
Webmail Built In (Access Your POP3 accounts from remote locations
24/7 Live / Email support.

Now, I know many of you don't feel good about the whole unlimited situation. This is fine, I am not "making" you choose to go with us as your webhost. I will tell you that we do have customers that use 10 gb bandwidth per month and we are perfectly fine with it because it is for legitiment use. We use these marketing tactics to bring in customers that are not sure if they will be getting enough. 99% of websites will not use over 5gb transfer rates a month. So again, please don't flame this post as I will not see it. If your interested in jumping aboard please email me at [email protected].

Note: MidwestDirect.net is NOT currently on our new dedicated servers. We will be moving them over this afternoon.