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    Hivelocity Downtime ? [merged]

    Anyone else lose connectivity to their server at Hivelocity and unable to get to their homepage ?

    I've tried from a server at Theplanet and FDC as well as my University connection here but their is no response to pings.

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    HiVelocity Down

    Hey, any other hivelocity customers know why their servers are down? ugh....



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    HiVelocity Down??

    Hivelocity down for anyone else?

    Also not responding to online ping??

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    never mind .. their site seems to be back up.

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    Yep they seem to be back up, were definately down for around 15 minutes though.

    Nope wait... Their website is back up but servers still down.

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    Hi. All is working fine right now.
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    I have received a message about this;


    There is currently a network issue occurring which may be the cause of you being unable to reach your server. Please advise if you server is still unreachable in 30 to 45 minutes.

    Hivelocity Support"

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    possibly.... when attempting to ping before the domain name didn't resolve to any IP.

    Getting 7% packet loss from ThePlanet server :

    --- ping statistics ---
    283 packets transmitted, 263 received, 7% packet loss, time 284625ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 25.203/26.934/62.030/3.019 ms, pipe 2

    Edit : Thanks fo rthe update zighost

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    We had a problem with some spotty access on 2 of our transport links , the problem should be fully resolved now , please open a ticket if you are still having any issues with the network.

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    Hi, Im a new Hivelocity Customer but I dont like the service...

    I send a ticket with a Critical state... Im wait for 1 hour with any response...

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