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    Question Question for Resellers/hosts re: stats

    My question is about stats and reverse DNS

    I have a little tiny website that gets 50 to 100 unique visitors per month. Less than peanuts to you folks, I know...probably less than peanut SHELLS... but it is quite thrilling for me. I am definitely the oversellers dream!

    Ok... stop laughing.

    My current host uses awstats, and all of the host info shows as unresolved on the reports. Not one resolved host out of almost 80 visitors for August (or ever for either of my sites). The weird thing is the awstats site shows this lovely example of this same section on their website filled in with Countries, and even cities!

    I emailed my host and asked them to activate this feature... knowing full well they would not. The insulting thing is that the responded that they did activate it upon my request... but... well all the IPs are still unresolved. Even those that hit after they say they activated the feature.

    I downloaded the trial version of "Weblog Expert" which also claimed to have this feature - I downloaded the extra geolocation file and installed it... and this product does not do the additional lookups either. Actually, it takes a LONG TIME running through the logfiles claiming to do DNS stuff, but the report section for hosts is blank, showing IPs only, showing the hosts as unresolved.

    But I can sit down with my little list of IPs list at and get reverse DNS info, including cities, for 99 percent of the IPs.

    Since I've been sort of passively host shopping lately, this is one of the things that I've been looking for, and most webhost sites don't seem to go into that much detail about the stats that they offer. Or they refer you to AWStats site or one of the others... that all show hostnames and geoloc info

    Anyway here's the actual question in all of this... do hosts hobble this feature on purpose for some reason? If so, why? Is it some kind of perceived security/privacy issue? Is it a processing or bandwidth issue? If this is the issue, at my level of activity shouldn't I be able to talk my host into actually including it in my reports? I just want to understand!

    So anyway I'm looking for something that would do it, but I want something that runs locally on downloaded log files or at least on MY server not one of those website stat counter deals. For 100 visitors per month I'm not wanting to spend oodles of money. Free would be ideal!! It doesn't look like i can install the full version of awstats on my little shared hosting account, as I don't have access to dirs referenced in the install docs. I didn't spend a lot of time looking at their doc, but it seemed as if I needed access to directories at least one level higher than I have.

    So if anyone can recommend a reasonably priced product, or a free one that actually works.. and maybe tell me WHY hosts don't provide this info with their stats, I'd really like to know.

    Thanks in advance!

    I also have to remark on how oddly addicting this forum is for me as someone who is not a reseller or a host and only has two little websites. The threads on webhostplus are fascinating!!

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    There is no big secret behind the fact that many hosts don't pay much attention to statistics. I never used the statistic provided by my hosts anyway. Why don't you have a look at Google Analytics (
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    Yes google analytics will narrow down your customers to the cities they come from. Lots of handy tools and it's free. Awstats doesn't always produce accurate results.
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    The majority of hosts disallow rDNS lookups due to the additional load it will cause on their CPUs.

    In regards to the second issue as to why the GEOlocating doesn't appear to work.. well that all depends on the host in question. Keep bugging them until they get it right!

    Note: If you use a host that has cPanel you may not have the latest AWstats version available to use. Blame cPanel in this case.
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    Maybe you can use a 3rd party like which is free to get started or request an analytics account from google?


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    thanks for the info, all. I suspected that hosts were puprosely not providing this info. I wanted to stay away from 3rd party products, but I think I'll check out google.

    Thanks again :-)

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