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    New server compatible check

    This is what my new server will consist of.

    CentOS 4.x
    Apache 2

    Can anyone tell me will there be any compatible issues with the above softwares?

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    Yes, there will be. If using cPanel, you install the CentOS on minimum install (choose nothing), after the first boot, assuming you set up the networking during the install, just type wget then type sh latest

    cPanel installs its own compatible versions of all that. They are just now working out a million bugs for Apache2 and it 1.x will install by default. You can put 2.x in after the initial install but it won't be a fun experience fixing all the bugs.

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    Thanks for the question F430 and the answer page-zone. I had no clue that an issue existed with cPanel and Apache 2.x. Thanks again.

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