Greetings all. I would like to ask if anyone have bad experience working with DelhiNet as a business partner and as contractor for this guy.

Reason I asked is that he apparently have a personal vendetta against me because he was not happy with me after I applied withdrawal of services on him after he haven't paid the dues that is owned to me. Note.. I have worked for him for nearly 2 years and it just went downhill since then. Here is the copy of the discussion I have with him and his attitude of late now. It shows how much maturity he have toward other people in the business.

Elik: Plus realize this: I offered to work with you to resolve your problem and you just kept silence and going around threatening things. Just realize that what I have done is called withdrawal of services on you til you are forced to pay for the services since you have went behind my back and not talk to me in good faith. I told you what is owned to me and once it is settled, then everything can be put away. But don't want to. So... the ball is in your court and like I said... I have evrything to put everything to put on your server to be back up and running in 5 minutes. Just you kept quiet and not said anything. So...who fault is it? Not me.
Elik: response so far?
Elik: Gee still runs away as usual.
Elik: You really don't want to settle this like a honest person. Ed and few others are totally right about you. Shame that you have to have your history aired out as it is.
Elik: think you got a case against me? GP...don't really make me laugh.
Elik: GP.. I gotta admit. You really made me laugh when you say that you going to go after me by legal counsel. I gotta are full of sh*t. You are full of hot air, since you don't want to talk to me at all.
Elik: Hey really got bad credability by attacking me every time I post something for my own uses. So..why don't you just get on with your life?
Elik: are such a wimp boy. It shows how much crediablity you got.
Elik: Since you go running away everytime I say something to you. Have fun.
gpsdnet: FO
Elik: Laugh....such words. You really got brains of a 7 year old kid who knows how to say that is all.
Elik: I really pity you.
gpsdnet: haha
gpsdnet: Fraud
gpsdnet: I will make life hell for you
Elik: Hardly....You owes me
gpsdnet: will not allow you to get a job anywhere
gpsdnet: you have our $5000 you sucker
Elik: GP.. it shows how much of a kid you are when you are acting like this.
gpsdnet: and our server
gpsdnet: and we will make your life hell
Elik: Nope....You owes me that server becomes my property as payment against the dues owes me.
gpsdnet: piss off
Elik: Heh...Have fun. It shows how much maturity you got.

As for that comment about the $5000, he is very wrong on this. He submitted the money to have 2 servers built for this purpose. One server have already been built and delivered to the facility which it have been placed into use and the other one, which is a dual processor server. That server wasn't delivered for a while due to shipping problems with parts and replacements. Once I finally got it all taken care of, the business relationship have been broken by his breaking of the contract and not paying the 2 months of services that I have provided him. So I kept the server as payment against the outstanding dues and as colleratial.

So...I have to say, he really need to learn that there is right way and wrong way. He is going for the wrong way by trying to interfer into my business of bidding for contracts and such and he try his damnest to ruin my reputation here. I really feel sad for this fellow since he won't want to deal with this and settle it and put it behind him.

So...does anyone have that simliar situation and if you did, how do you resolve this? Since I want this idiot out of my life and have him shut up once and for all.