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    Email Hosting

    I'm looking to host my own websites but I don't want to deal with email. I'm looking for a setup that for 1,000s of email address with pop3 and imap and an api to add / delete / edit / autoresponders, etc. I've seen some that are like a few dollars per box and that isn't a viable solution because I'm not charging that much.

    Right now I'm using reseller hsphere system and I have 1,000 of emails and its pretty damn cheap and reliable - the only problem is there is no api for adding emails so clients have to ask me to make add/delete a box everytime (neither of us like this situation) and the web site load times aren't great. That's why I want to host my sites, but I don't want to deal with email admin issues.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    I would setup a cpanel server with roundcube webmail. Roundcube has a plugin for automatic email setup inside of cpanel servers. This allows you to provide IMAP, POP, SMTP and Ajax webmail to people.

    If you need help just let me know, and I can get you more information.

    (and other than the server, this solution is free.)

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    E-mail hosting services usually offer premium e-mail at a cost as opposed to advertising supported free e-mail or free webmail. E-mail hosting services thus differ from typical end-user e-mail providers such as webmail sites. They cater mostly to demanding e-mail users and Small and Mid Size (SMB) businesses that do not want to administer their own e-mail server. E-mail hosting providers allow for premium e-mail services along with custom configurations, large number of accounts and use of own domain name.

    Most e-mail hosting providers offer advanced premium e-mail solutions hosted on dedicated custom e-mail plattforms. The technology and offering of different e-mail hosting providers can therefore vary towards different needs. E-mail offered by most webhosting companies is usually more basic standardised POP3 based e-mail and webmail based on open source webmail applications like Horde or Squirrelmail. Mostly all webhosting providers offer standard basic e-mail while not all e-mail hosting providers offer webhosting.

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