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    Up for sale is .net and .org vesions of the domain.

    The domain started as another one about 2 years ago, but due to a server crash we had to restart, and just started with a new name. There arent any advertisements on the site, and none have been sold, which means its 0 revenue.

    Site averages over 400 uniques daily, its about 2 months old so there is no PR yet, i expect atleast a PR or 3-4 when it updates.

    Sale includes, Owned vBulletin liscense (currently seeking approval via helpdesk)
    vBSEO professionally installed and setup by the experts at
    Custom vBulletin names
    3 domain names
    All members, posts and any other content you see on the site. I have quite a few back links setup on other sites, and with other webmasters that will remain as well. And also did the paid directory submission to 500 directories.

    Will also be posted on NamePros eventually, will link once i do. -
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    also comes with myspace account with over 2k friends at current time.
    I forgot the price:

    Starting Bid $300

    Reserve $600

    BIN: $1250

    I may sell under the reserve and not include the vBSEO liscense.

    Aution ends here at Sept 4th 12:01am EST!
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    The vBulletin license is eligible for transfer.
    Tyler Cole
    Eeek, a Blog
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    Thank you for the confirmation Tyler.

    I've received a few good offers via PM, dont wait
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    What was the highest offer?
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    $775 highest offer so far

    here are other stats everyone else has requested

    if anyone needs anymore, i'd be more than happy to take them
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    Ok, few questions:

    1- Where do you get the content you post on the main site? will you share those sources so the new owner can continue updating the webssite?
    2- How much time does it take daily to manage the forum?
    3- Will the current forum staff remain on-staff?
    4- Any reasons why you didnt place any ADs?

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    1. General Automotive Sites Such as Left Lane News, and The Truth About Cars i've found a few on yahoo, and google news as well. Most come from the first two.

    2. I took care of the technical aspects of the site, after initial setup i put maybe 6 hours a week into the site mainting everything if that. It's all setup and ready to go as is.

    3. Site staff can stay if you so wish, one or two have a attitude problem and will probably be removed before the site is sold anyway to save the new owner the head ache.

    4. No reason in particular, Started it without ads, and never really took the time to monetize it. It was more about providing a source of information for users then making money.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.

    Thanks for any interest.

    *Also need to add into the sale, Photopost Pro Already integrated into forums if sold at And vBPortal Not installed Active liscense i'll include both of these if sold at BIN

    Thats over $500 in software alone, Throw in the template, and a few other paid vBulletin modifications i have lying around i'll throw in its probably closer to $600 to get a setup like this.
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    Alright, one more question, how many members does the forum get on avg. you said the forum has been up for 2 months, I would like to see a screenshot of the vb admin panel showing avg. number of users per day.

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    Check the stats folder provided above in a minute.

    If there is any other screen shots anyone wants, let me know.

    The server is probably going to go down here in a few minutes for a ram upgrade, but will be back shortly after that
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    $775 backed out,

    next highest is $650

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    I have sent you a PM
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    Is this still for sale, whats the highest bid so far?

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    The sites been sold at BIN!

    Thanks for everyone who was intrested and i may have another automotive forum for sale in the future
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