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    Bandwidth estimations & 50webs

    First off let me make sure my bandwidth estimations are correct. I have a pretty small website with only a handful of pages and most of my content is images. My entire website combined will take up no more than 10mb. Assuming I get a host with 5gb of bandwidth, if I get any more than 500 visitors a month (roughly 17 people a day), my servers will explode. (that's also assuming that each visitor will view everything on the site). Did I figure that out correctly? This also may seeem like a silly question but does my allowed bandwdith accumulate for each passing month?

    Secondly, it seemed that there was little information about 50webs as far as reviews go on these forums. There are five reviews on that gave them excellent ratings. Does anyone have any experience with them or know of any other reviews? Their personal plan seems like a bargin with 20gb of bandwidth for $4.

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    I would dig a bit harder for reviews, if the host has been around for a while you're pretty much guaranteed to find reviews here on WHT.

    As for the calculations they seem roughly correct depending on your file sizes used on your index page for images and your visitor's behavior. If they decide to view your site few times or visit the other pages on your site that might also generate more bandwidth usage and so on.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoobastank68

    I would dig a bit harder for reviews, if the host has been around for a while you're pretty much guaranteed to find reviews here on WHT.
    It's been around since 2004 and my search on these forums came up with very little.

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    What about bandwidth usage? I've always assumed that it doesn't accumulate as the months pass, but I would just like to make sure. It doesn't does it?

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    No, bandwidth usage will reset at the end of every month.
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    Generally, it doesn't, but there are exceptions. If it does accumulate, the host will certainly state this in the plan specification, as it is a selling point, something that makes their offer different from the rest. This was, a while back, a somewhat popular way for hosts to increase the apparent value of a package. It is just another technique of overselling, with relatively low risk or real cost for the host.

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    Your asumptions are only simi correct. A person could use more than 10mb bandwith by simply visiting the pages more than once, like going back to the home page then continueing. Every time that page is requested by a user it counts aginst you.

    If it is a small site, just getting started, I would not be worried about onlt 5gb, however since you can not find may reviews, and seem to be simi worried, why not continue to look at other hosting companies?

    I would look at,

    Searching this forum is also a good idea, so is looking in the offers section.

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    I cannot speak in regards to finding additional reviews of 50Webs. However, I can vouch for it being a reliable, stable service. I am acquainted with the fellows who launched, and now run, 50Webs. They have a great team of people, and I imagine you would be satisfied with them.

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