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    softlayer, whats it good for?

    Hey guys,

    with my VPS hosting provider, they give me private access to FTP using a SSL VPN using softlayer, and I was just wondering what the advantage to using that would be? For $1.00 extra per month, they offer access to softlayer via PPTP, would that be worth paying extra for? Only advantage I can see, is with PPTP you don't have to have a browser open, with softlayers VPN SSL thingy do I have to have Internet Explorer open to access the site? or is there some other software I can use that won't make me keep my browser open like that? I was just curious. the offsite backup is kinda neat though, i was just wondering if there were any other advantages in using it? and if PPTP would be a better option to pay $1 extra a month for?


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    I've wondered the same thing!

    I'm sure a trip to Cisco would tell much more than we need to know about the advantages of Virtual Private networks..I just don't have time myself..but you are welcome to explore it!

    I would bet the info you are looking for is middle page-Networking-Internetworking Technology Handbook

    I may later myself..when I have more time.

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    The main advantage to the PPTP connection would be so you don't have to keep your browser open or for those who don't have Windows XP + Internet Explorer. Many people use macs or linux machines. The other advantage is if you wanted to connect an entire office to the VPN, you could use a router which supports PPTP.
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    You can also set up a VPN Router so that all of you computers have a VPN into Softlayer...

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