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    * [WANTED] Hosting Design Required - Template/Custom Job

    Hello all,

    Cut long story short, I need 2 quality hosting designs with 1 or 2 subpages (+home naturally).

    It can be either

    A: Unique, custom templates which are already designed and coded.

    B: To be designed to a very high quality as a custom job, coded to a professional standard.

    Again, I stress I am not looking for low quality designs which you quickly made in your freetime. I will not respond to offers which I feel are not suited to the requirements.

    If you are quoting for a custom job, please include:
    1: Your portfolio links and CV.
    2: Price.
    3: Timeframe required for the job,

    If you are showing your unique template, please include:
    1: Your template live demo / screenshot.
    2: Price.

    Please contact me via methods which suit you the most. I'm finished for today but will be around tomorrow onwards to respond.

    I have a max budget: 800 USD for both designs togther. Please bear in mind however that price is an important factor in my decisions. The lower the better, naturally.


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    Hi James,

    I have the following templates for sale:

    Let me know if I can be of any use.

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    Hi there,

    I am currently selling two designs and am working on a third one in the meantime. I can also do custom work if you desire. Here is my website with previous designs I have sold:

    --- Orange Host ---
    Package details:
    2 Editable PSD files
    8 Coded Html files
    Free Customization
    Exclusive Rights - Will be sold once, resell rights.
    Price: $155

    --- Zap Host ---
    Package details:
    4 Editable PSD files
    6 Html files, 1 css file
    Images and content
    Free customization
    Exclusive Rights - Will be sold once, resell rights.
    Price: $70

    If you are interested with my work, please let me know. Hopefully we can work something out.

    Karim M.

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    Details of the template im selling is over here

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    An affordable marketing agency,

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    I would like to invite you to have a look at teh following templates I have for sale right now:


    I have two templates for sale.

    What's included

    • High quality, unique design
    • Full exclusive rights
    • PSD file of main page
    • HTML main page
    • HTML sub page

    Templates come as is with no customizations made.

    Template One - XHTML Compliant

    PRICE: $215.00

    Template Two

    PRICE: $215.00"
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