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    Noob question about server uptime, how long is too long?

    I'm just curious, if you have a stable server and it runs & runs & runs.. do you ever get to a point where you reboot it 'just because' it's been running for 200 days or something like that? Is there any rule of thumb or best practice for the duration a linux server should run without a reboot? thnx

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    If its linux usually their are kernel patches/updates that require downtime. So you shouldn't have years of uptime, if so you are probably missing something. A few years ago a company I was consulting for had an NT4 box that they didn't even know existed that had been running for over 3 years.

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    I reboot whenever there's a kernel upgrade for a security vulnerability.
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    if its freeBSD than 300 days uptime as for my own experience is not a problem but in Linux yeah upgrades do take restarts.

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