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    Liquid Web Server Migration


    Would like any feedback from anyone who has had their site migrated over to Liquid Web's dedicated host by Liquid Web themselves.

    Also would like to know which control panel you previously had and which control panel is supplied by Liquid web; and if it matters at all in the migration.

    Also, how is the phone support of LiquidWeb? Are the phones regularly answered? or is the number just given to entice customers?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Weber,

    LiquidWeb in my knowledge will not do a website migration from other companies over to them. So in that sense you will get no help on their part.

    However for my experience their phone support is very good and management is also good. I believe is one of the few companies that offer a true phone support for hosting.

    Their control panel is cPanel for Unix, not sure if they provide a control panel for windows.
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