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    How about Godaddy hosting ?

    Before i shift my websites to godaddy hosting. I just wanna have public review about godaddy. I just want better GUI and maximum uptime. I can afford upto $40/month. Please suggest me if any other option is open to me.

    Thankx for your time ....

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    If you have a $40/mo. budget for a shared hosting account, I'd recommend moving up to a higher end hosting company as Godaddy is pretty much low budget especially when compared to your price range.

    I'd recommend taking a look at, and

    Have fun with your search!
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    thankx for fast reply ....

    the sites you mentioned above ... does they offer cpanel ?

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    where are you located... are you in the USA or Europe?
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    i am from USA/CA.

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    HostGator should be on your list of possible candidates, but without more information it is hard to properly suggest a new host.
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    the sites you mentioned above ... does they offer cpanel ?
    AFAIK only Rochen does.

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    Lightbulb A Host that fits your requirements

    Your requirements that you mentioned:
    - “better GUI” / cpanel
    - Maximum uptime

    Kewlceo is right. I, too, can see that Hostgator fits your requirements well. I deal with them as a customer, as such, I know their offerings quite well. They provide both the above. Unlike most hosts which guarantee uptime for only network, HG guarantees 99.9% uptime for both server and network (shared hosting). You might want to read a mini article I had written in on uptime.

    Your Budget : $40/month
    HG can even save you some money if you checkout their plans and their price range… you'll know what I mean - they range from $7 - $15... to higher range ones.

    Your location : USA/CA.
    HG’s datacenter is in Dallas, TX and their office is in Boca Raton, FL

    Hoobastank68 is kinda right by saying that “Godaddy is pretty much low budget”.

    Good luck.
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    If you need more than 50GB and max uptime, Godaddy is recommended IMO
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    While I have never used them myself I have heard that godaddy is pretty bad on the service end of things. I would also look at them as a "low budget host."
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    I can't remember a time where had 100% supporters. It seems that it always have half of the population loving them...and half despising them.

    But, since I haven't used them, I guess I can't judge...
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    Can someone give more feedback about GoDaddy's hosting?

    I'm only after 'low budget' hosting. I just want to know if it is decent enough.

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    I used GoDaddy's hosting for a few months... I ran into some strange issues that nobody could fix... uploading some php files (from both phpBB and WordPress) via FTP would break my directory structure...

    Serving static HTML pages was fine though.

    You're really at your own risk when you sign up with GoDaddy... their support can be pretty bad in that nobody knows what to do, it costs you money to call them, whateva.

    I also had issues with my little 10 user forum getting SQL errors every other post, didn't have that problem when I moved to 1&1, though I've now discovered some evidence that 1&1 at least "partially" blocks Googlebot...

    People will say it again and again, and I myself am hard headed about it, but these huge bargain hosts are pretty terrible. Some people get lucky and sail smoothly, but as soon as something goes wrong you discover just how little they have your back. May The Force be with you should you choose to proceed with GoDaddy, maybe it will work out, maybe you'll need to go on blood pressure medication soon after... don't say you weren't warned... I wish I would have listened!


    There are some truly good hosts around that aren't expensive too. The huge amounts of bandwidth and space you "get" with the likes of GoDaddy shouldnt be a sirens song, most folk will never come close to using it. Look at your needs from a realistic point of view and you might find that you can get some truly good hosting without the overwhelming advertised resources for a good price, and the REAL resources still be sufficient.
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    godaddy is great for domain purchasing as their cpnael for domain is great

    but for hosting i wouldn't recommand them and your budget is decent enough so you can get better hosting or maybe a VPS

    good luck

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    With that budget you should go for a reputable host. Also not one at the budget end of the market. Hostgator is reputable but is at the budget end of the market (though not the very low budget end of the market). Look through here at threads that seem to reflect the type of sites you want hosted and the level and type of service you want. If it is for a business you definitely want a business class host. You could look at Dotable, ASO etc etc. Pair don't do conventional cpanel.

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    With the budget you have, you can pick and choose. Usually you pay much less for shared hosting although a high-end account could cost above $20/month.

    Any specific requirements as in bandwidth, space, other features (besides cPanel) ....?
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    I had a customer leave to go to godaddy, Paid for a year, was back the next month pretty distressed - asking if we could restore the site from a backup.

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    Godaddy are good for domain names, that's where I buy all mine from. as for hosting I wouldn't even bother..

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    If you need oodles of space and bandwidth and are just interested in the bare minimum for ONE domain, then GoDaddy may be worth a look.

    They offer unlimited domains with most of their plans (and who wouldn't take advantage of this, considering all the gigs you get $10 or less per month?). But if you need multiple domains with e-mail addresses for each domain, forget it. You have to pay out the nose for each little extra additional service, including extra domain e-mails.

    The "control panel" for web hosting is VERY limited, clunky, and at times takes forever to see any updates after changing something. For those of you who are used to other control panels and like to have control over everything, you'll feel like you want to bash your computer in with a baseball bat when dealing with what Godday has to offer.

    GoDaddy's prices look extremely attachtive, but I would only use them for domain name registration.

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    yea is good , then they are nice too , specially since ur budget is so high for hosting i would suggest u get ur own reseller and host ur site that way u dont have to worry about too much downtime and high cpu load , i would suggest that , but otherwise u could go w/ hostgator or something similar , godaddy is not a good choice they are not the best out there , they are good for domains not hosting

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    I would not choose godaddy for anything (besides maybe domains). GoDaddy is fine for people who have no idea what they are doing and dont use up any resources, but if you are going to use up a signifigant amount of resources, dont use godaddy. I have learned this though personal experience.

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    At $40/mo you can even find a lower end VPS, or if not that much a good Reseller account complete with WHM and cPanel.

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    yea its like i said , i have a very nice experience w/ a company called they have great resellers for 29.95 us dollars per month but its really amazing and it hardly has down time and gives u cpanel/whm / fantastico along w/ ur own custom domain options and u can host unlimited domains on it

    and no dont worry i dont advertise fatnetwork

    host sounds good to although i have not seen it but yeah if u can get a reseller cheaper than fatnetwork w/ better resources go ahead

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    Yes, its a good idea to choose a reseller plan instead of going with VPS.
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    VPS is a great option only if you know how to manage it or get really good support. otherwise i agree with desigeek.
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    I have had good experiences with GoDaddy. It seems to me, though, like you're looking for something more high-end, so I wouldn't reccomend GoDaddy.

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