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    $2/month 468x60 Banner Advertising!! is a growing community for expats who move to Spain...
    - Currently been online for only 8 weeks
    - Has 72 active members (with around 2 new members daily!)
    - Daily posts and threads started
    - Secure backend hosting to ensure 99.99% uptime
    - We're marketing for the next 6-12 months, and the users actually like the website so they'll be marketing to their friends/family

    About this offer...
    We've recently added phpAds on there - so we're offering a very special deal... just $2/month for unlimited impressions of your ad... this will grow your brand amongst a growing community of people who generally are middle to upper class.

    If you want more information, or wish to ask any questions reply to this post.

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    Additional Information As Requested
    *We're spending alot of money over the next 12 months on marketing this site, so active users will shoot up!

    *Also, if you want to order for 1 year it would only cost $20!

    *$2/month for a 468x60 banner spot on rotation, for a very popular growing forum.

    *Remember, these people have moved to Spain, or are moving... they'll want to share their images, stay in touch with friends/family, and create websites/blogs - its a fact because they're already doing it... get your company on there.

    Any questions - send me a PM, or reply to this post.

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