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    need php programmer (simple job) $$

    i'm using a free script called formsend, basically people fill out a few forms (name, last name.,etc) press submit and it mails the info to the e-mail i setup. i added a javascript alert so you're required to fill everything out before pressing submit, to prevent blank submissions, simple stuff... but for some reason, after 2 weeks (never touched the script/html) i get the alert saying to fill everything out even if everything IS filled out, it makes no sense to me.

    i think i'm missing a ; somewhere or whatever, i need this done asap, tell me how much it'll cost... thanks. keep in mind, the script is ready, just need to see what the problem is. AIM: sentuken

    ill send payment via paypal by around 9pm today

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    Several errors in the js, here's the one that's probably breaking it:
    "Max length for your LastName is 25");<br>
    frmvalidator.addValidation("lastname","req","Please enter your City" );

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    its working well right now but you ought to put a email verification. and all...
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