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    Thumbs up My experience with the new owner


    I bought one year ago a MB licence with a instalation package trought the

    All was dealt with a good manner and in a good and fast way.

    on the time and because of personal problems i never went trought the use of the MB it self so stephen never really install it.

    after one year and after i sow that MBlicence was sold i tought that my money was lost.

    sme days ago i try to recieve all the information from modernbill (because i think now i need the details in order to make the MB live )

    so I contated the support and i delt with the new onwer.

    I must say that i was very suprised the way i was answer (prompt answers normaly took maximum 10 20 minutes, he was able to make all the information i need avaible and him self contacted the modernbill in order to get my details (login pass and key* files)

    I mencioned that i pay and didnīt got the service (install MB) because on the time i couldnīt use and he prompt answer that we would keep the agrements and install it when i fell that is the time (need finish the 1st the web page )

    So i am very delight about the way i was delt and i must tell that defenely wayne Is putting mb at his best level (i must also admit that stephen was also a great comunicator and make all the things in a correct manner and promptly)

    Defenely i will recomended to use MBlicences, I will use them whenever i feel that they can give me a hand with any matter.

    I will keep you guys post when i ask wayne o install the modernbill on is performance.


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    Thanks for sharing.

    It's great you didn't lost any money on it.

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