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    Dedicated Unmetered: HiVelocity, OrangeFiber and Voxrox


    I am looking for 30mbps unmetered server. After initial research here, I came across three providers, HiVelocity, OrangeFiber and Voxrox. I would like to have a comparison between them (price and service) and recommendations.



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    They offer good prices and great services, but each of them is using different bw.
    Search this forum, you will find some good info about them.
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    It all depends on what you're looking for. The networks are very different. I believe the HiVelocity and OrangeFiber networks are basically single-homed Cogent for their unmetered "special" pricing, etc. while VoxRox offers a redundant multi-homed configuration. Personally, I would be willing to pay a bit more for the multi-homed setup, but that isn't everyone's opinion, so...
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    voxrox is absolutely WONDERFUL. Can't go wrong with them!

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    my vote going to orangefiber

    OrangeFiber seems very nice to me . Their uptime , price & support best for me
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    Orangefiber . network super twt+cogent and soon savvis.
    support very friendly over icq and aim
    they reboot the server for me when its down without me even notice it was down.

    once my HDD broken and i was away at other city. when i back i found out my HDD broken--->been recovered --->new hdd installed---> all data running from new hdd and server is online....thats was amazing to see how they handle issues without me as client nagging or report them...they simply found it out and fixed all by them self.

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    OF is reportedly adding more providers to the mix. So 1 up for OF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by music
    OF is reportedly adding more providers to the mix. So 1 up for OF.
    I'll believe it when I see it, there is alway something "comming soon" and it never happens

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    I am with Hivelocity now and never have a problem maxing out my server bandwidth. I canít speak for the other companies but I do know Hivelocity rocks!!!

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    When you are as big as OF it takes time to work things out.

    My Mom always told me, "Good things come to those who wait".

    Of course HiVelocity is probably also working at bring in other providers.

    They are both good.

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    I would look harder into Orange Fiber [by doing a search on this forum].

    As far as who I recommend, I would say try to find someone with multi-homed bandwidth.

    I would ask for a quote from, VoxRox, and HostDime
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    OrangeFiber - are reasonable.
    Hivelocity - horrible < one of the worst providers around.
    VoxRox - Never used so Can't comment.

    colo4jax - have 5x20mbit servers there and 2x50mbit servers there, they are pretty good, never had any real problems but not the best. - very good provider, jon is a nice guy too always willing to help you.

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    If you're looking for quality, Voxrox would be your choice between those 3.
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    I would personally choose OrangeFiber here. They have helpful support, and great speed.

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    Have got 2 servers with OrangeFiber and i'd rate them A+++

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    Hivelocity have an excellent network and great support. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    My vote goes to Voxrox -- I have 6 50mbps servers there and haven't had serious issues yet. I find 50mbps to be at the nicest pricepoint in terms of cost/mbps and redundancy (i.e. you do NOT want to scramble to find backup bandwidth for your 200mbps unmetered). Sales has been nice to work with in my experience.

    I also have 2 50mbps servers at GNAX. Personally, I find the GNAX hardware better as it's more up to date, but the setup times earlier this year weren't great (4 days vs. 1-2 at voxrox). Maybe it's better now, so they could be worth considering.

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    I don't have any personal experience with any of those companies outside of brief HostingCon interactions, but Karl's right that Voxel advertises a significantly better network of the three. If quality and redundancy are deciding factors, I'd say go with them - if they're totally outside of your budget, go with one of the other two.
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