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    Live event streaming to web

    I've tried searching for this one, but the answers either don't apply or is a heavy duty $olution.

    I need to serve live video&audio of scheduled events. There would probably be about 10 people at a time viewing the live event via their web browser at a given time.

    My issue is, the area my client is in the maximum available bandwith is 1.5 mbps, so simply setting up a webcam on-site and linking to that is out of the question, since only maybe one or two persons would be able to view it.

    What I am investigating is a way to use our dedicated servers to accept the video/audio feed from the webcam, cache it and then broadcast it from the dedicated server (on 100 mbps lines) to the requestor on the Internet.

    I would prefer a linux solution on the web server's end, but I am flexible.

    I have two dedicated server with ample bandwidth-

    The first is a Windows 2003 web server.

    The second is a Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 based web server.

    What software do you recommend? I am familiar with most components of this, but not sure how to cache and serve the feed from our web servers.

    Thank you


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    You can do it with Windows Media Services on Windows 2003. It is included with the OS.

    You will also need Windows Media Encoder, which is a free download from Microsoft.
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    Shoutcast NSV is a good free solution for Linux. You can find information on it at and on

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    I would recommend Icecast (free) or Helix Server ($$) for Linux. Between those two software packages you can support virtually any stream format on Linux.

    Shoutcast is proprietary and virtually unsupported by Nullsoft these unless you have your stream listed on, there's really no reason to choose it over the other two aforementioned packages.
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    Thanks, I'll start my legwork starting with these suggestions.

    Appreciate it! I'll post my findings to help the next poor sap like myself searching

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