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    I have currently changed VPS suppliers and wow what a difference

    Is there any software or comands to check the real settings of my older vps or to benchmark it

    I want to be able to check resources and compare both, as one (old) excepts 20 but hits RED in VZPP but still at .237%cpu and no sites work when i have around 20 people view them

    CPU Usage: u129.91 s22.68 cu0 cs0 - .237% CPU load .0434 requests/sec - 173 B/second - 3993 B/request 20 requests currently being processed, 0 idle workers


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    I'd stay away from using any benchmarks on a VPS. Benchmark software is designed to max out the hardware in a non-production environment. If you do that in a VPS, your host won't be happy.

    Often, I find that a service like can help. You can have it measure the response times of your web server from several locations. The one with the lower web server response times is the faster one.

    Or, you could use the old standby. Which 'feels' slower?
    Andrew Kinney
    CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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