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    Lovely new link Directory for sale

    I bought this script off a friend who is a coder.

    New site so assume no traffic

    Some features:

    Admin Features:
    Secure Login Required Admin Area
    Display Users Online Stats
    Add Unlimited Administrators
    Supports Unlimited Users
    Edit Unlimited Categories
    Add Unlimited Links
    Instant and Pending Registration Toggle
    Instant and Pending Sponsor Toggle
    Edit Any PHP Template File from Admin
    Suspend Users
    Delete/Edit Users
    Browse or Search for Users (many search options)
    Manage Live Site Poll
    Robot Deterrent Registration Security Image
    Charge Users for Sponsored Listings
    Supports Paypal, WorldPay, and 2Checkout
    Scalable to Add Additional Payment Solutions
    Fully Editable Template
    Full PSD/Source Files Included
    Sliced HTML Version of Template Included
    Full Banner Set Included
    Full Corporate ID Included

    User Features:
    Private Member Section
    Yahoo Style Directory
    Simple and Advanced Searching
    Newest Link Section
    Highest Rated Link Section
    Most Visited Section
    Rate any Link
    Comment on any Link
    Detailed Rating Graph
    Add a Link if Registered
    Purchase Sponsored Link
    Link Click Counter
    Password/Account Management
    Interactive Poll Voting

    Lovely layout as well. Domain is at GoDaddy

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    what is your asking price?

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    i'm going to pull this sale for the time being, the registration image isnt working on a variety of servers.

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    The image is more than likely being prevented from showing as that script needs GD with FreeType support compiled with PHP on the server.

    Just something to look at.


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    hi,what is your asking price? and will you sell the script only? thanks!

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