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    I am looking to build your website… Please help me…

    I need to demonstrate that I have the ability to build websites before attaining a decent career in web development. I want you to help me by me helping you!

    I am looking ideally for a small business that requires a website (not a hosting website! maybe an information website). I do not want a business that is solely trading on the internet. I would like a company that is based in the real world so the chances are greater that your site will stay online.

    An example list of businesses might include:

    Small Car Dealership

    I would also like you to prove prior to the creation that you have a registered site or domain name so that I can deposit the website, and work on it for a while, maintaining it so that I can gain experience on a site that is not mine.

    Please view my portfolio as it stands at:

    In return all I want is a small bit of feedback, and your permission to put it on my portfolio. Of course depending on your contentment a small financial reward, no more than you think it is worth.

    I look forward to hearing from someone, if you have any questions at all please contact me.
    James W Pope
    Pope Online :: Web Design

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    How about if there was no charge?

    Surely someone must need a website?
    Pope Online :: Web Design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotfil
    How about if there was no charge?
    Surely someone must need a website?
    OK... I need one. Can you redesign my PC Repair Service site? You don't need to do a lot of pages... just a homepage design and a subpage.

    Please let me know if you're willing to take on the project. I'll give you a testimonial or my recommendation in return. Thanks!

    P.S. - Not sure if you're just designing a PSD template, coding it, etc... but if you do code it as well, I'd like it in html format.


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    If you know how to skin phpnuke then you could help me at

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for all your responses. I have had this message up for some time now, to get as many responces as possible (Some through eMail too). I would just like to thank you all. I will notify the winner (if you like) very shortly.

    Thanks again
    James W Pope

    Pope Online :: Web Design

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