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Thread: Getting traffic

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    Getting traffic

    Well, so I just made a webpage... well working on one... <snipped>

    I was wondering what are some good FREE ways to bring traffic to your site? I remember seeing a link in someone's sig about this, but can't seem to find it...

    Thanks guys!
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    You can trade links with other websites, and having a link in your signature helps too.
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    Do some SEO on there and change the logo to one for you. Then, put a signature on your posts with a link to your site and join a few related forums. The you can submit it to a variety of related directories and search engines.
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    Link exchange is good but only if you exchange them with related sites or with sites which have PR>4, this gives you instant boost in search engine.

    Other effective ways of getting traffic are:
    • viral marketing
    • article marketing
    • posting press relases
    • adding blog to your site

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    1. Posting to forums like this with links in your signature. Google and most of the rest use the number of inbound links from trusted sites to rank you.

    2. Post an article about something that interests you, and put your link. People will read it, trust you somewhat because of your opinions, and follow your link.

    3. Post a press release about your site with links.

    4. Open a free hosting account and post your link through the pages, creating inbound links.

    5. Make sure your robot files are correct an allow, follow.

    6. Viral marketing, if you are ready for hundreds of junk mails per day.

    7. Post your link on sites that have directories for what you are doing.

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    Yes good advice. I would also recommend things like:

    - write articles and submit to article directories such as

    - post good articles on your site and submit to Technorati (I see you have a site they might like)

    And so on. Trading links is not so productive these days, as Google cares little about such links.
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    Another good way is to start a thread at WHT regarding your site...welp, you've accomplished that one
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    Anyone know how long it takes for it to show up in a google search... even if I type in <snipped> it doesn't seem to show up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonck08
    Anyone know how long it takes for it to show up in a google search... even if I type in <snipped> it doesn't seem to show up...
    As soon as the robots crawl. Hang in there, they will eventually!
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    How do the sites that show up on the first page of a google search get there? Do they pay money for this or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBUG - Staff
    The ones that appear at the top are paid by click, the other ones don΄t.

    Depends if you are talking about search results or adwords. I have some pages in number one at google in search results, but never paid for adwords. Content is the secret for SEO
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