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    Hosting Software Technical Support Expectations

    At the risk of a controversial topic here, what do fellow web hosts expect technical support/customer service wise from the various hosting software companies? (control panel software, billing software, helpdesk software, misc etc).

    This post isn't directed at any company in particular yet most of us will either pay a significant one time or high monthly fees for software and often, I find support to be pretty damn slow... waiting up to a week for a response (or in idevaffiliate's case, about 3 months).

    If we as a host were to be so slack and response in those kind of timeframes, our client base would walk out the door, as I am sure they would with other hosts with this level of service. Yet, these kind of response times are seen as 'acceptable' in the software industry.
    I, however, do not consider these response times acceptable. We choose and implement software critical to our business; the scenario is extremely similar to a hosting customer having a problem with an aspect of their website.

    One exception I have found to the rule is Ubersmith. I've found their support very quick and kudos to them for doing so but unfortunately, they seem to be this exception.

    Anyone else have opinions on this?
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    The level of support in my opinion depends upon whether its free or paid support. Most of the hosting softwares charge for a support plan. Every paid support plan has a response time. If you have paid heavily for a support plan then such response times as you have mentioned are not acceptable. But if a hosting software is offering free support then delayed responses can be tolerated.

    Though taking months or even weeks to respond is too much.

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