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    Attachmax | Rapidshare, Yousendit, youtube clone $40

    Fully featured Rapidshare, Yousendit, Youtube clone, that allows users to upload videos, images, or files, allowing you to instantly create a community.

    I've seen youtube going for over $300 and dont even offer half the features that
    attachmax does.

    All Features listed at

    Some highlighted features are:
    - Progress Meter (with url support)
    - Multi Upload (with url support)
    - View Most Popular, Rated, Viewed pages.(youtube)
    - Hotlinking Protection (unique)
    - Short Url's for SEO
    - Custom Flash Player with Full Screen Ability
    - 2co & Paypal Payment Gateway System for Advertising or Premium Memberships
    - Allow users to directly upload youtube url's and then download the files.

    Contact yim - nslvic
    msn - [email protected]
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    I could not find the price on the much is the software

    Sorry just seen the price
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    Im getting a copy now thats a great script

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    Im getting errors when i try to upload on the demo

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    Yes its a great script, official price is $49.90, but for WebhostingTalk members only $40.

    Live demo - other demo url given was wrong

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    Looks like yousendit, but I don't see any of the rapidshare features.

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    Rapidshares main system is that they have Premium Memberships giving users the ability to download files at an uncapped rate and as many threads as set.

    Attachmax also has this feature, we've intigrated Premium Membeships to not only paypal but 2co.

    We decided not to create the feature that makes a user wait (xx) seconds to be able to download a file, as I like yousendits approach much more.

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