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    So-called computer advances? I think not! (warning-Humour)

    I very rarely make attempts at humour on this board...mostly becuase most of us geeks have should I say..unique brand of humour...but I can't resist....

    I noticed several so-called advances have been made...and are being making computers autonomous and voice recognition. Sadly..the engineers don't think about the sad results of some of their experiements gone horribly wrong.

    I can think of a few:

    Voice recognition: I think this is a bad idea from the get-go. I don't know about you...but...normally..what I say to my computer is not nice..not nice at all. I am very glad it cannot process this the future...

    user: @(#$*$%!! computer!
    computer: Excuse me?????? Is that so? Well...ok. I'll fix you, buddy!
    >Deleting pretty pictures you've downloaded
    >Deleting illegal should have known better!
    >Sending email to the FBI

    Etc..etc. This is a very bad idea.

    Even worse:
    >Forwarding those pretty pictures you downloaded to your mom before deleting....

    Hmmm...autonomous computers..what will next..ohhh...personalities!!!

    I can see it now...hackers infect computers with personalalities like:

    >Eddie the shipboard computer from Hitchhiker's Guide
    >Valley Girl
    >W.O.P.R..from War games
    >Scarface "You talkin ta me!!!?!"

    Ohhh..just remember..if you think things are bad now...just wait!

    >Computers getting into fights with one another
    >Computers themselves stealing identies and credit card numbers

    Brace yourself, ain't seen nothing yet!


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    Or in the future you will no longer have spyware of random porn pictures loading after visiting the world cricket website. But instead your PC will be loading random porn images, just because it likes porn!

    Or if you try and listen to some music, "nope sorry don't like that one".

    And you know its going to happen, you come home from work (or go to work). Turn on your PC and nothing, power's plugged in all components work fine. It just can't be bothered today.

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