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    Question Looking for a host for a modest (600mb/18gb) shared plan

    I've had my site hosted on Woolnet for the past two years and I'm seriously considering switching to a different one.

    I'll give a short description of my experience with them:

    Basically, everything was fine until a few months ago. The owner seemed like a good guy and was helpful in answering my questions before I hopped on. I never had to contant support until recently as I never came across any problems, though I run a very simple site and don't use any of the more "advanced" features.

    Then a few months ago I found that someone was claiming he got a bunch of malware by going to my site. I checked WHT and I found this thread - - which confirmed it and also showed how Woolnet support was responding to this problem (not very well). It took a while for them to even detect the script it seems. My own attempt at getting some answers from support wasn't successful either. It was more than two weeks after that thread was posted that they were able to tell me the problem was fixed.

    The fact that this happened and took so long to fix was enough, but I was never actively informed of the problem by Woolnet. My site was randomly redirecting people to another site full of malware for two weeks and if had I known sooner I at least could've temporarily disabled it.

    So now I'm looking for a new host, one with a better history of dealing with security issues like this or, better yet, have never had them.

    Here are the other things I'm looking for
    - good support, uptime, stability (obvious). I don't need answers from support within an hour (but I wouldn't complain)
    - relatively cheap small plans. I need about 600mb/18gb and I'm looking to spend $40-$60/yr but will pay more if I need to
    - located between east and west coasts as I want to be fair to visitors on both coasts. If this shouldn't really matter, please set me straight
    - I prefer cPanel as opposed to a custom control panel
    - I prefer using Awstats
    - I have a weak preference for dealing with a smaller host

    I'd appreciate any recommendations. Also, there are a few hosts that I'm considering. I'd also appreciate if anyone could share their opinions and experiences.

    Arvixe- good prices for small plans, have never read any complaints about them. Excellent rating at The only negative is the servers are on the west coast.
    Apis Networks - Seems to be geared toward web developers. I can't find any opinions at all on these guys outside of the forum they advertise on.
    Hytek Hosting - inexpensive
    Dreamhost - Seems popular, inexpensive, custom control panel.
    Emax Hosting - Good rating at, inexpensive

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    try looking at hostgator, they seem to have allot of mention on these forums.
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    You require a lot of bandwidth and space for $40-60 per year....


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    I agree, up your budget. Especially if you expect better support.
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    I would say you can pretty easily find a web host for your budget with what you requires -- but I think you will end up paying more toward $60/yr. Even with a small and reliable host.

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    Did you ever found the reason of why was that happening? I mean, how redirectos were installed in your account and malware in your pages?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberHostPro

    try looking at hostgator, they seem to have allot of mention on these forums.
    I've looked at HostGator before but their smallest plan is more than I need and I thought I'd be able to pay less somewhere else. However I just checked again and they fit a lot of other preferences I have except for being a smaller business. I'll keep them in consideration.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim2Macs
    I agree, up your budget. Especially if you expect better support.
    I would be willing to pay more if that was the only way I could get competent support and security but it looks like I'd be able to get the custom plan I need from Arvixe for ~$60, and everything I've read says they have great support. And I doubt most of the established cheapo hosts have had security problems like the one I described.

    I've already said in the OP that I might be wiling to pay more, so if you have any suggestions that are over my price range but fit what I'm looking for, please let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito
    Did you ever found the reason of why was that happening? I mean, how redirectos were installed in your account and malware in your pages?
    The owner claimed it was just the work of script kiddies. Before that, support had told me an ex-employee with "illegal accounts" was responsible. The owner explained that that was a different problem with unauthorized reseller accounts being sold on the side and that support was confused.

    Thanks for all the replies so far.
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    Look in the offers section of the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmalekib
    Look in the offers section of the forum.
    I'm aware of the offers forum but I'm looking for recommendations/opinions from customers, not from the hosts.

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    With your preferences I would not choose DreamHost. They offer only some very clunky stats with their custom control panel.

    You have had HG suggested to you already.... well, there you get AW-stats AND you can update data in real time! I just love that!

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    Hostgator is a very good host, and are very fast at support. I would suggest to give them a try. is also a good host along with others such as,and PolurNET is known to be a good host as well. Never hosted my personal sites with them, but they they are popular on NamePros, and many who are with them enjoy their services.
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