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    Free contextual links by

    Free contextual links by

    LinkedWords ( is a new approach to finding and managing information on the web entirely based on grammatical, meaningful and contextual basis. Through its innovative contextual platform it provides web publishers with a unique way to do contextual linking of words. By doing contextual linked words across millions of web documents, content areas and web pages we help common users contextually find the information they look for just on the demand, at the right place and time.

    It represents a unique concept developed upon an innovative, WEB 2.0-like, web-based contextual platform, which generally intends to help both the common web users by providing them with contextually relevant web information on demand, anywhere on the web and the web publishers on the other side by helping them appear on contextually incorporated linked words within the context of the content found on documents and pages around the web.

    Currently the contextual platform has more than 38,000,000 (38 million) and growing unique keywords, key phrases and sentences based pages, categories and sub-categories related to every topic possible on the life, which anyone can use to get contextually linked with, free of charge.

    For more information, please visit:

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    Like that idea (need this reply to be able to post new threads)

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    at least 1 success story

    I've tried linkedWords for a project on Government Contracting keywords.... difficulty was estimated at 80% (seomoz...) I have to say I achieved to reach the 1st page and 5th position for the website on the following anchor government contracts
    It took me only 3 WEEKS to achieve that, THX linkedWords !

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