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    Text Links for Sale on Popular Movie Review Site - Over 2,000 pages indexed on Google

    I have 18 text links available for sale at a popular movie website.

    The site the links will be sold on is Movie . The site has been open for about a year and has been growing steadily since its opening. I have decided to start selling text link advertising on the site.

    These aren't your run of the mill text links that go on the bottom of the site or somewhere else where they will never be seen. These text links are located at the top of the site right next to the logo.

    You can see MovieTack's stats at

    As you can see there is only 6 text links up there right now and I am selling 18. There is a reason for this, the reason is that I will be rotating three text links at each of those spots.

    The price is $5.50 / link per month

    There is an 18 character maximum for each text link.

    Note that you can buy two ad spots for the same link so that it will be shown 2/3 of the time at the particular spot. (You can also buy all three spots if you wish it be shown all the time).

    If you are interested in acquiring valuable advertising space send me a PM or catch me on AIM. Payment is via Paypal.

    If you have any questions feel free to post them.

    The site has over 2600 pages indexed on Google.

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    3 of these are gone already. So hurry up and PM me if interested!

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