I am a highly motivated and skilled system administrator who is currently looking for a

new job opportunity. I am seeking a challenging position which will allow for growth and new experiences. Before I get into my skills, there are a few notes that should be read before contacting me.

Name : Sanjay Raghav
Place : Cochin
Qualification : Btech in Computer science (4 year degree course)
TimeZone : GMT +5:30, IST
Contact me : [email protected], SanjayRaghav on AIM.
Experience : 2 1/2 years

*I am looking for a full time job position.
*I will be available to work in any shifts
*I am looking for a remote sys admin job


Please note, this is not a complete list. For a more detailed description you may contact me for my resume.
* Installing, Maintaining & Configuring Apache, DNS, Mail, MySQL and Mostly web hosting

Shared and Dedicated servers, Upgrading Kernel, Apache, PHP, Perl modules etc..

* Development in PHP,Mysql

* Exim,Sendmail

* CPanel

* Pure-FTPd, Wu-FTPd, ProFTPd

* Apache, PHP


* Iptables firewall rules, APF firewall.

* WHM-Panel

If you have any questions, or would like to see my resume please contact me.