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    Site review please

    Please have a look at our website, we have recently changed to this new design.

    We have yet to receive any orders from the new website though, which is a bit annyoing actually, I'm sure others know what I mean Any suggestions on improvement is welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    Very nice layout. I like it alot and is also kind of professional looking which is good. A few suggestions/changes:

    Personally, I don't think your navy'ish colour banner suits the layout very well. Its kinda off the colour and I would definaly suggest changing it, maybe a gray'ish colour would look nice.

    Nice flash buttons, but I dunno about the different colours. Its not a big deal, but I would rather keep all the colours to a gray or green if the layout was mine.

    If you look you the left of your layout, under your image of the man and woman you'll notice a small white space; Fill it up! Maybe try something jazzy like the picture under and across from it. (Button right of layout)

    Apart from that, I like your layout very much, and its one of the better ones I've seen. For some reason theres something about it that I like alot.

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    yes this is a very nice site..........

    a couple things that I would suggest.....
    make the logo a link back to the home page........

    the hosting plans table could be made more readable.......some of the color combos made it a little difficult to read


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