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    Secure, Reliable, Customer Friendly Reseller Hosting. Choose With Confidence
    Choose With Confidence

    Choose With Confidence. Choose a Secure, Reliable, and Customer Friendly web hosting provider to power your business. Become a part of the T-Rex family. Our T-rex attitude has been pushing forward with excellent customer service, reliable hosting, competitive pricing, and secure solutions to our very valued customers. As the competition gets thicker, and the choices for hosting gets broader, we can still say we have the edge by offering old fashioned customer service, with cutting edge technology, service, and security. Our core values are what make us
    TrexS2 Package- (More Info here!)
    Bandwidth- 70,000MB
    DiskSpace- 10,000MB
    Email Accounts- Unlimited
    Domains- 5
    Order Now!

    TrexS3 Package- (More Info here!)
    Bandwidth- 100,000MB
    DiskSpace- 15,000MB
    Email Accounts- Unlimited
    Domains- 10
    Order Now!

    Extreme Reseller Packages
    TrexRX1 Package
    Bandwidth- 200,000MB
    DiskSpace- 50,000MB
    Email Accounts- Unlimited
    Domains- Unlimited!
    Order Now!

    TrexRX2 Package
    Bandwidth- 300,000MB
    DiskSpace- 60,000MB
    Email Accounts- Unlimited
    Domains- Unlimited!
    Order Now!
    Resell any of the above packages to your clients, or order them for yourself, and get them at half price! We setup the account for you, send you your login information, and stay in the dark! Start offering these great deals to your customers today!
    All of our accounts are created on Dual Xeon 11.2GHZ Effective Servers, with 10,000RPM Hard Drives.Server load on these servers well below 1.0 on average,resulting in extremely fast web site loading and Control Panel Navigation! With our old fashioned customer friendly service, we will be here to assist you in getting all of your accounts transfered from your current host, as well as help you with any other support that is needed. Choose with confidence, choose

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    Paypal only ? - Not Trusted Host, broke his own 7 days moneyback guarantee, doesn't refund within 6 days, took money, deleted customer's vps & give no service.

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    We do accept credit card payments as well. Please contact us so we can give you further details. Thank you for choosing for all your hosting needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at anytime, or give us a call.

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