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    Copyrights and Webcasts - Questions...


    Say I have a sports show online webcast.

    Say I buy some music on iTunes.

    Am I allowed to use that music as filler music for breaks, time-outs, halftime, etc?

    IF NO... Then what is the difference between me playing that over the webcast, and the public address system?


    Say I license music for that purpose. Say from a site such as

    As I look at the license terms, I see what appears to be conflicting information.

    You can use the music in synchronization with your audio, video, or web productions. This includes but is not limited to: documentaries, short films, radio shows, blogs, multimedia presentations, live shows, trade shows, animations, etc...
    but then it says

    If you are using this music for domestic or international broadcast please file a cue sheet with ASCAP (just like you would any other track). This will help us out, and it doesn't cost you anything (and it's part of your agreement with ASCAP). If you are broadcasting stuff with music in it, and you don't have an ASCAP or BMI agreement, you should probably look into that. Otherwise you may be in deep trouble with very big companies and their expensive well-dressed lawyers. To get a cue sheet please contact us: at [email protected]
    A radio show, or a live show, is a broadcast is it not?

    I am lost on this. But I want to use music but not have to deal with all of these licensing companies. I will gladly pay for the music, but I feel as if payment is only a part of the battle.
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    theqase, I don't understand the problem -- they simply want you to fill out a form that takes (i'm guessing) a few moments of your time. It seems the ASCAP is a standard that all broadcasters must adhere to.
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