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    feedback: tozumedia

    hey everyone,

    after a couple months of hardwork, lots of time spent doodling, and some inspiration, i've finally confident enough to pronounce my latest project ' completed ' and ready for content creation.

    while this might not be the most intuitive or snazzy-est design at first glance, out of all the websites i have created, i am most proud of this one.

    tozumedia centers around providing tutorials, reviews, fun, and media. all the content thusfar was created by me, but a lot of the sprite artwork was taken from various games and then either stuck on the website, or changed by me.

    the forums run on phpbb (i'm poor and cannot afford vb) and run off a slightly edited version of an extremepixels skin.

    any thoughts, criticisms, reviews of this website will be highly appreciated. most of the page links SHOULD work EXCEPT the misc? page. i have not created it yet.

    if you are interested in working on this project with me, please PM me. -> splash -> main -> forums

    examples of content. a lot of the site's content and news area is powered by an old, old version of cutenews.


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    so i'm sorry about double posting, but i think this post got screwed over when other people updated their topics / posted right after i posted this .. pushing it way down the list of topics.

    or perhaps no one likes the site and refuses to critique it because of its plain uglyness .

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    I like your design, it's very stylish and the font you used for header do match your content well.

    One suggestion is maybe change the background color of the navigation for media / graphics / blogger / templates / PSD to the same green color as the footer green background. See how that works

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    thanks ! a reply! yea, i just noticed it was different and i will definitely fix it.

    the green info on the bottom half of many pages with the white icons are just filler for now, they are meant to be links to image gallery photos, but there is no image gallery yet .

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