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    Your-Site? Opinions?

    I'm actually looking for a basic package with good control panel and less than $75/year for a 10-page website.

    Any suggestions (no ads please).
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    Hi ny777,
    Try using the search function tool here in the can type in co. name and past discussion, if any, will result - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Originally posted by MDirect
    You should read the forum rules before offering a better deal
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    I used for awhile for one of my websites. They are great for a basic photo ablumn or a basic personal site. They don't offer php, asp, perl, or subdomains. That is there down fall, and also they don't have a control panel. They have a mailbox control panel but its very hard to use.

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    Actually, your-site does offer PHP and mySQL for an added charge. I'm a current customer. I will say that now is not a good time to choose them. The last two months have been a comedy of errors on their part. Their CEO (and lead tech expert) died unexpectedly (at about 30 years old) earlier this year. Unfortunately, the rest of the support team has been scrambling to figure things out. It looks like they may have finally got their recent email software switchover working (after several issues), but I'd wait a few more weeks before I could say for sure that things were working smoothly.


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    I have one site left with them.
    Never had a problem.
    Of course I do not use the email part.

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    I second Scott R on this one.

    they have been hosting my site for about 5 lmonths and they are extremely dependable as far as uptime( I have it monitored every 15mn and it still has not caught them once down in 2 months).
    The team at your-site is trying their best to correct previous mistakes that happened during the transitional period from when the owner died.
    GIve them another 2-3 weeks to be up to speed.
    the forums community they have is amazing, most support issues are resolved right there.

    PM if you have any questions

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    try a site

    I am currently using MICD Hosting for a photo album, They have plan for 150mb for only $15 a year...
    check them out

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    Your-Site = "Amateur Night"

    Greetings All!

    I am a small-time reseller with 20 accounts underneath me. I have hosted with Your-Site for 1.5 years now.

    Ever since February, hosting with them has been a minor hell. Yes, their owner died. Yes, they did an email server migration lately. I was patient through these things.

    But this morning, when I awoke, I discovered Your-Site clients were unable to send email out. Their support forums confirmed that the problem was across-the-board, but, worse than that, the problem has been going on all night and nobody from Your-Site has responded or noticed.

    The best way to advise them of a problem over the last few weeks has been via their support forums. Post your problem, back it up with evidence, watch other users say "hey, I've got the problem too", and eventually, somebody from Your-Site would take note of the problem and inform the proper people.

    Forget about support by email. I haven't had a reply to one of those in two weeks.

    Anyways, now it appears that they're not responding to message board posts either. At least not all last night.

    Mailing lists have been inaccessible for management for two weeks, as their still working on writing the middleware software to interface with Majordomo, it seems. Oh, I can still send to the lists... just can't subscribe or unsubscribe anybody.

    And then, yesterday, we had a problem where sendmail wasn't working. They said it was in some sort of loop and that no mail was lost. My sense was that mail WAS lost and that this was a hastily-posted lie on their part.

    The lie and this morning's email problems finally convinced me that I need to look for a new host. I've been dragging my feet because of the time and the trouble involved in migrating everybody over. But I just can't handle email outages anymore!

    It's too much like "Amateur Night" over at Your-Site. Save yourself the headache and shop somewhere else.

    -= Dave =-

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    Its been awhile sense I have used them. I'm glad to hear a current review.

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