If you're an experienced web designer / design firm (With examples of previous work) I'm interested in speaking with you. We're interested in the best, not a $25 template here.

One of our network community sites is interested in a customized CMS solution, complete with design and integration. Our needs includes Magazine stories, news postings, image of the day section, advertising, etc. Our needs are pointing toward Joomla or equivalent which can handle multiple tasks for a Magazine / Ecommerce related site.

For more information, and if you are experienced in integrating custom designwork into CMS areas, please PM me. This is not for the beginner and does require previous general CMS knowledge / template experience. This is something I'd like done promptly and within a respectable time frame.

Main Page Concept:

- Image of the Day
- Latest 3 Top News Stories
- Advertising slots for multiple sized banners
- Top selling items
- Monthly Contest Info w/ Image on page
- Current Events
- Mailing List Entry Form
* Integration w/ VBulletin would be ideal - Negotiable

Additional Content Page:

- This will be where most links lead for news stories, image galleries etc.
- Also will need an Entry Form for multiple topics.

If you do not have experience in designing and laying out a CMS type site, please do not make this your first attempt . PM for information and interest in this job. I'll be more than willing to extend our contact messengers.