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    * The Myspace of Poetry Websites--UNIQUE script/site with Traffic

    I am considering the sale of -- the site, domains and all. Unlike email, web hosting, etc., poetry is not a saturated market and there aren't as many popular poetry websites out there, which makes this website VERY promising. This site was hand-coded to my specifications, although it is limited from my original idea; this site alone, having it built from the words of a perfectionist (me), took roughly 16 months to construct, with a month here and there that I spent marketing this thing. It is killing my time and I'm not going to be able to advertise as much as I had hoped this fall, with school coming up (I was going to have it redesigned as well... lack of time). That said, I'm considering a sale of this website and its domains.

    With the right marketing, this website can become the of poetry. In fact, it is, in functionality. The concept of this site is pretty obvious, but there are a lot of things with it that you cannot see from a simple glance. There is an extensive member's area that allows users to perform the basics, such as editing info, adding/editing/deleting poems, etc., as well as personal blogs, statistics of their work, etc. Every member's profile contains an image, personal info, a Myspace-like "Friends" section and a "Favorites" section, the latter for users to list their favorite poems found within the site. Members can also rate poems and comment on them (the rate/comment option can be disabled by the poem's owner at any time).

    To encourage users to use the site, there is also an 'awards' system that praises poets and their work. They are given out from the server, according to specifications. The five are: Member of the Month, Poem of the Month, Highest Rated Poem, Webmaster's Pick, and Members' Pick. See here to read more about this feature:

    As many other free websites, this site makes its revenue on page impressions. The site was built to capitalize on this. All poems have "send poem to a friend" links that email the URL to others. They also have pages linked that generate HTML for each poem, if a person wishes to link the poem in their website/Myspace. After each poem is submitted, the user is given the chance to email the URL to others -- this helps generate word-of-mouth visitors.

    There is a contest script added to the website. Using it, a webmaster can run any type of contest ands see detailed statistics on its progress. PM me for details.

    The search function allows for searching by title, author, keyword, etc. but it also has a member search, which ppl can use to locate members in a specific area. There is also an all-poems link, for those bored ppl who'd rather not search for poetry but instead, browse all poetry according to its category.

    The only part of the site that was not hand-coded is the forum/chat room. It uses PHPBB and incorporates a chat-room script. The forum is only accessable by users and all users are given an account upon registration for the site.

    An admin panel exists for the management of the site. With the admin panel, the webmaster can do, among other things: View members, read violation reports (sent by ppl who click a 'report violation' link on the bottom of each poem), view stats for each user/contests/etc., add categories, add/modify advertisements and more.

    This website has an immense amount of potential, so much that it hurts my brain thinking about it. But that's the thing -- My attention is needed elsewhere, and I'm considering selling this gem of a site to take a burden off my shoulders. It has a decent amount of traffic, considering there are a limited number of members. But the number has been increasing as of late and with schools/colleges in session, I'm sure traffic will balloon pretty soon. Of course, teen/college age traffic is the most sought after by advertisers, so this is a MAJOR thing.

    With the sale of this site, I am offering: The domains and, the logo, the website with all files, and all rights to the above material. Note that all poems under the username randy are mine and I own the registered copyrights to them all. I reserve the right to remove them from the site at anytime.


    Domain Name: POETRYREALM.COM
    Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
    Updated Date: 13-jul-2006
    Creation Date: 14-nov-2003
    Expiration Date: 14-nov-2006

    With VERY LITTLE advertising, it is PR3, Google listed with a link pop of 98

    Domain Name: POETRYREALM.NET
    Registrar: RegisterFly
    Updated Date: 27-jan-2006
    Creation Date: 28-jan-2004
    Expiration Date: 28-jan-2007

    Site stats:
    In the momth of August, its resouce usage: 15.58mb space / 142.95mb bandwidth. It uses one database. Hosting for the site costs roughly $6 a month. It is hosted at Surpass Hosting. The potential buyer can move the site to a different host, if desired.

    Age of site: Roughly 15 months but it was 12 months ago when I 'officially' launched it.

    View Samples:
    Member Profile

    Screen Shots:
    Extended stats -- Webalizer
    Stats for August -- Awstats
    Members' home panel
    Edit/View poems page
    Poem statistics
    Poem comments
    Admin Panel - Users
    Admin Panel - Mail
    Admin Panel - News

    If any of these links do not work, check out the dir

    (Note that the FAQ section needs updated. What you see on the site was written in before many of the additions were made.)

    I am 100% positive that this site can become the #2 poetry website online (second to the scam artists who run Yes, they are scam artists.) with the appropriate advertising. I just don't have the time or energy. Because of its EXTREME potential in this unsaturated market (and I've spent hundreds of dollars having this built/modified/hosted etc.) I am looking for a price in the hgh $xxx to low $xxxx for this site. Because of my desire to sell this and get it off my hands, I'll consider any decent offer. I can be reached quicker via email or IM but you can post an offer/question below or PM me. I am on:

    MSN: randy_pendleton at (I use this messenger the most)
    ICQ: 45183892
    Yahoo: tranquil_ecstasy
    AIM: whiterequiem

    This offer is valid until/if I post CLOSED in this thread.
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    To add: My plans were not to use Adsense extensively, since they are low-paying. I would have sold ad space on the website with a REAL ad broker to make money on the CPM model, which is the standard in Internet Advertising. So my price range is very realistic. With good marketing, you could make over $200 a month easily.
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    Site is no longer for sale. Closing thread.
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