ClipperSoft’s mySimpleAds is the ad management package for the rest of us. Do you want to display Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher ads to only certain countries? How about having an ad banner rotation that supports multiple image formats and sizes? What about a text ad rotator? mySimpleAds is the answer to all those questions and much more.

* Designed for those who don't have time nor the desire to deal with big learning curves
* One install works across multiple sites
* Rotate amongst YPN and AdSense ads geographically
* Inexpensive solution
* Simple and very user-friendly administration control panel
* GeoTargeting allows you to target ads or groups of ads to over 240 countries
* Ad Expiration provides you the ability to automatically expire any ad simply by clicking on a date on a calendar
* With Ad Groups, you can rotate amongst a series of banners, text links, or any ad code
* Display one ad to one country and in the same spot display a different ad to another country all with one line of code
* Automated monthly updating of your GeoTargeting IP-to-Country database using ClipperSoft's optional GeoTargeting Database Update service
* Over 4000% faster country lookups with muliple queries than when querying the native IP-to-Country database directly
* Supports using PHP or Javascript for inserting the ad code
* Supports unlimited number of ads
* Supports unlimited ad sizes
* Supports unlimited image banner sizes
* Supports popular image formats, including GIF, JPG, and PNG
* Extremely small footprint provides for an extremely fast load time
* Tracks impressions and allows you to follow their progress with ease
* Turn on and off any ad right from the administration control panel
* Turn off any feature you don't want to use
* Supports unlimited advertisers, allowing you to manager their URLs and Contact information
* Supports the alt tag for banners to allow for SEO (search engine optimization), even with image based banners
* Built in help on every entry point guides you along the way
* User account and password protected administration control panel
* Web based site configuration to easily turn on and off any feature or reset your administration account or password
* Easy web based installer

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Only $24.00 with lifetime free upgrades